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This Company takes your money. They fraudulently charge you multiple times on your card. They charged me 3 times for a total of $83.86, each purchase was an odd amount, when the item I purchased was only $29.95 +$9.95 ($39.90). I have called, left messages and they have yet to return a phone call or fix the issue but yet they charged my card ($19.95) randomly again this month!! The voicemail is now full and you cannot leave a message. Oh and... Read more

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Information, unsolicited, had been taken from my computer as I was browsing for a supplier of protective software to prevent my computer from being hacked again. I had no communication with them and only checked out their website for type of protection offered and price of such Had not communicated with the company other than checked out their website and my accounts were wormed of information. Absolutely, have no knowledge of how they got my... Read more

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Money was debit to my credit card with out my approval Read more

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I went in to my checking account and noticed that $21.01 was missing. When I check about this they told me that I had ordered their program. No I didn't they called me on the phone and said that they would return the money. I have check my account again and only $7.21 was returned. They also had my account # on my debit card, where they got it I don't know. They are shysters for sure, I want my money back!!!! What can we do about this? does any... Read more

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purchased aro product once, since the expired date of the so called great service the company continues to harass me with future offers that are a total waste of money,once the purchase and downloud is completed aro has access to your personal computer and continues to offer their so called valuable product which is a total rip off, product they offer is considered a chance and opportunity to invade your privacy with future purchase so that they... Read more

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I had a computer problem and called found out that the service was out of warranty. Was offered a plan to 2 years to put another warranty for service, got bill and found out I was charged for an item that I did not order or request nor was I told that it would be charged to me as a matter of fact it was not mentioned. I have called and left a name and number and no one has contacted me, called again today and all they gave me was business hours,... Read more

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I keep getting an orange colored square that is the color of the MFT one, but I don't know what that means. I have tried to use the 'HELP' button to find out what it means, but nothing happens when I try to open it. Need an online manual for program. Just want to know more about the color on my screen and if I am in trouble having it. Otherwise, I am pleased with my program and use it monthly. I'm not in the 'pissed group' and Sammsoft owes me... Read more

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i was checking my credit card account and found a charge i wasn't expecting of app.48 dollars. called company, Sammsoft and left phone number and message. didn't get reply immediately so i sent email to credit card company to dispute transaction. called again today and said i would contact BBB and FCC if i didn't get a response from them. why are they still doing business?? they have numerous similar complaints online. that is why I'm writing... Read more

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I am unable to reach customer service. The two products clean & find clean & find, but never remain clean even with repeated cycles. How can one continue when the errors are never corrected? Both SuperAntispyware and ARO 2014 find lots of malware that they pretend to correct, but do not, as an immediately following scan produces more threats - some of them the same that were previously "removed". In attempting to reach company support... Read more

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i did not ask for their service,but they billed my bank over 300.00 no doubt it is a company run out of India so when the money goes over seas wave good by to it.but i am retired and don't have much better things to do than spread the word about ripp offs. so they may have my money,but i think i can cost them much more in bad consumer complaints and generally spreading the word to all media outlets i can.this so called super antispyware only... Read more

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